Notice no: 02C/2023-24 | Class: (P.G.)

Notice no: 02C/2023-24 | Class: (P.G.)


Play Group is the introduction to the joy of learning through play in an amicable environment that channelize the child’s energy through recreational activities. It helps to instill good habits, social manners and etiquettes in a child and also enlarge intellectual horizon and broaden the outlook of the child ,thus preparing him/her for the larger world outside.


To feel safe and secure in the environment.
To be allowed to express their feelings without any adult bias.
To be provided with experiences which foster both physical and  mental growth.

Dear Parents/ Guardians

We  welcome you all to TIGPS,  Mankundu family for the new session 2023-24.

 Kindly follow the points given below :─

  1. All the students have to wear masks and carry hand sanitizer to maintain the hygiene.
  2. Please send three stamp size recent photographs in school uniform of your ward on 28th April 2023.
  3. Kindly fill up the declaration form (3 pages) given in the diary as you receive it, with proper details and signature of both the parents.
  1. Bags, water bottles and Tiffin boxes extra dress, uniform ,woolen dress should be labelled. Kindly send a big handkerchief regularly  to be used during the tiffin time to inculcate the table manners. Small white handkerchief should be pinned up on the left side of the shirt / frock.
  2. Send light and dry food. Please don’t send any junk food like Maggi, chips and Kurkure etc.
  3. All the parents are requested to send their child regularly to school in clean and proper uniform.
  4. An extra set of uniform should be sent everyday in the student’s bag. Also send plastic bag and two or three undergarments(if needed).
  1. Water bottles with straps should be used instead of pet bottles and should be labelled.
  2. Girls should use black hair bands. For long hair, they should tie two pony tails with black woollen bands.
  3. Please read the school diary for every small detail (about uniform, timings, meeting the school staff etc.). Sign the diary whenever a notice is given from school and it should be brought to school regularly.
  1. Change of phone numbers should be informed in the school office.
  2. Parents or guardians should show the second ID card (Guardian copy) of your child at the time of dispersal to maintain the safety and security of the students.

(If the proper ID is not shown students will not be released).







  1. On birthdays you may send chocolates/toffees. Do not send any other gift items like biscuits, cakes, etc.. (Students are allowed to wear colour dress on their birthdays to school.)
  2. It is compulsory to write a leave note (mentioned in the diary) or an application every time a student takes  leave.
  1. Percentage of attendance will be considered at the time of promotion of the students.
  2. Always inform the school in advance if your child will be absent for next few days. Absence from school without prior permission other than genuine case or on medical grounds will not be accepted.

19.In case of absence for more than two days due to illness, the same should be reported to the school authority along with medical certificate. All absence and leave permissions should be registered in the diary with proper reason.

20.Check and cut your ward’s nails regularly, so that others do not get injured.

21.All the parents / pool car drivers are requested to send and pick up their child in proper time. Parents will not be

allowed to stay inside the school premises during the school hours.

22.Different activities will be conducted for the students for enhancing their overall efficiency. Activity notice will be given from time to time.

  1. Parents canmeet the school counsellor and special educator related to the counselling need of the students by taking prior appointment through the school diary addressing the level coordinator.
  2. Regular school timing for P.G – 8:55 a.m. –  12: 00 noon.

.   25.  A prior appointment through the diary is a must to meet Principal Madam, Co-ordinator and the class teachers.

The time will be given accordingly.

 Hope you will go through this notice carefully and being a member of T.I.G.P.S Mankundu follow the rules

strictly for the benefit of the students and overall growth and development of the school.                                                                            

Thanking you
TIGPS – Mankundu.