Notice no: 05/2023-24 | Class: (P.G to VIII)

Notice no: 05/2023-24 | Class: (P.G to VIII)

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The school diary has been handed over to your ward today ( 10.04.2023 ) so all of you are requested to go through the following points :

  • Student’s name,class and section should be written on the top of the cover page of their diary with a permanent marker (black or blue)
  • The first three pages of the diary should be filled in and duly signed by the parents/guardians by 24th April 2023 (Monday)
  • The first two pages will be collected by the class teachers for the school record on 24th April 2023 (Monday) . We request our parents to please do the

NB : In case if any parent is out of station related to his/her job ,an application should be sent through the diary on 24th June 2023(Monday) based on which we will be calling those parents in the school office as per their availability to do the needful.

Thanks & regards
TIGPS, Mankundu